Biodi(V)strict® is the first ever predictive tool which allows you to measure the biodiversity potential of your urban construction projects and was developed by the Eco-Design Chair. This extraordinary partnership was founded in 2008 by the VINCI Group and the AgroParisTech higher education and research establishment, dedicated to life and environmental sciences.

Biodi(V)strict®: an evaluation tool

This tool uses a set of scientifically validated measurement indicators. Biodi(V)strict®’s indicators are based on fully recognised environmental principles, in harmony with the existing regulations.

Increasing the proportion of planted space

Increasing the diversity of plant life

Maintaining soil permeability

Bringing habitats closer together and forging intra-site connectivity

Working towards a fully diverse habitat

Biodi(V)strict®: a decision-making tool

By comparing a site under different conditions, we can make the best possible decisions and help developers and builders choose the right ecological solution for a project, or help them choose between different development projects.

Biodi(V)strict®: a motivational tool

By offering a radar-type view of the results, you can see the impact of a project on the local ecosystems. You can also see how much room for improvement you have left.

Biodi(V)strict®: a teaching tool

It is based on indicators that anybody can understand, enabling a full and effective dialogue between everybody involved.

Biodi(V)strict®, provides:

A habitat measurement tool.
Scientifically approved indicators.
The foundations for future environmental labels or certification.

Biodi(V)strict® does not provide:

An inventory of the flora and fauna on site.
A tool which replaces regulatory surveys and diagnoses.
Any labels or certifications.

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