10 good reasons to choose Urbalia

An expert, multi-disciplinary team

Urban ecology, urban farming, sustainable construction, labels and certifications (HQE, BREEAM, EFFINATURE, BIODIVERCITY). We can seamlessly join any project team and use language that we can all understand, ensuring that we’re always on the same page.

A scientifically proven diagnosis and decision support tool

With Biodi(V)strict®, our biodiversity potential calculator, we can provide a powerful, high-quality measurement of the impacts (positive and negative) of a project, allowing you to make the best possible decisions in terms of your environmental developments.

An entire, fully functioning ecosystem

We can offer a global perspective of the biodiversity potential of your project, taking into consideration the individual locations and the interactions between species. In this way, we’re not just “greening your project”. We’re offering effective solutions to help preserve or reinforce a whole ecosystem.

Biodiversity that works for people

We are aware of the local context and the needs of the users, proposing developments which support urban resilience and which suit the future use of the space. Services provided by nature (diminution of the urban heat island, rainwater regulation, improved air quality, health and well-being, social links, local food production, etc.) are evaluated to ensure that the choices you make have a real, positive impact.

Biodiversity: making you more competitive and adding value to your project

We’re answering the clearly expressed needs and expectations of city dwellers: 8 out of 10 French people want to live near a green space. Employees are 8% more productive and enjoy 13% better well-being when they are in regular contact with natural spaces. We highlight the benefits of sustainable cities, bringing crucial added value to property developments and making them that much more attractive.

Positive, forward-thinking support

By ensuring that each member is fully invested and properly motivated, our project team is willing to go the extra mile. We don’t hand out grades, but we do highlight possible areas for improvement. We work together on projects, bringing together a range of different people with different skills around a core theme.

The capacity to work on any type of project

We can work on any type of project. Whether it’s an existing building still in use, a new construction or a restoration project (buildings, blocks, districts) in the city centre or the outskirts, we’ve got you covered.

The capacity to work throughout the entire process

We can offer fully personalised support for each project. We are fully invested in every part of the construction project, but we can also come on board in the scheduling, design, construction or operation phase.

The partner you need

With a full project team, we can offer a solution with the added value you need. Thanks to our network of partners, we are yoursingle point of contact for a number of biodiversity and urban farming solution providers.

Excellence through innovation: our R&D centre

Thanks to the hard work from our partners at AgroParisTech, we are getting better and better at measuring the biodiversity within a project and the benefits it provides.
We are constantly on the lookout for the best new biodiversity solutions, allowing us to meet your needs and propose innovative and effective solutions.

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