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We need to rethink how we design and build our cities and towns to tackle climate change and social challenges. Nature in the city is at the root of these issues. It can offer a wealth of innovative solutions to design green cities that are sustainable, adaptable and attractive.

Town planning and construction companies are aware of this new dynamic, but don’t always have the tools to easily and effectively integrate biodiversity and urban farming into their projects.

Thanks to our expert, team and our scientifically proven, innovative methods, Urbalia can provide crucial support for town planning and construction professionals.

We aim to create spaces where functional ecosystems can provide genuine benefits to the city (e.g. reducing urban heating, managing rainwater, providing local food.) and help make the city a better place to live.

To achieve this, we offer practical solutions which promote biodiversity and urban faming that are fully adapted to the specific needs of your project. Then we evaluate the effectiveness of these solutions using Biodi(V)strict®, our urban biodiversity simulation tool.

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