About us

Our vision

Stay committed, but keep your feet on the ground

We are convinced that biodiversity and urban farming offer incredible opportunities to build resilient cities. This is why we want to develop entire ecosystems which provide genuine benefits. However, we are also realists: we’ll adapt our solutions to your needs and constraints.

Innovative yet meticulous

Innovation is at the very heart of what we do. It’s powered by Biodi(V)strict, our biodiversity simulation tool, to offer quantitative and qualitative simulations. It is also powered by our constant research into new solutions to conserve/promote/protect wildlife and plants integration.
Our approach is always driven by strict scientific and operational standards.
Everything is run according to strict scientific and operational standards.

Adaptable and competitive

We adapt to each site, each step of the project and every one of your needs and constraints. This is what allows us to provide the best nature-based solutions, which we can assess using our Biodi(V)strict® tool. Our methods are based on scientific calculations; these are all public and scientifically approved to guarantee genuine performance.

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