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Améliorez votre potentiel biodiversité

Harness the power of science

What we offer

It’s up to us to rise to the climatic and social challenges of our time, so let’s rethink how we can design and build our cities and towns. Nature is key, and it can offer a wealth of innovative solutions to design sustainable, adaptable and attractive cities.

Urbalia is a biodiversity and urban agriculture consultancy firm. We support planners and builders who want to change their way of building cities but lack the tools to seamlessly integrate nature into their projects.


An analysis of the initial situation, the issues and the requirements.

Environmental diagnosis.


We tailor our solutions to the needs of each individual project.

Vertical gardens, rainwater management, wild animal facilities, urban farming, environmental landscape design.


An assessment of the biodiversity potential of an urban planning or construction project.

An evaluation of the ecosystem services provided.

What nature can do for cities

Urbalia finds solutions which both promote biodiversity and provide useful services to the city and its users.

Social cohesion

Health and well-being

Rainwater management

Local food production

Urban heat island regulation

Air quality improvement

10 good reasons to choose Urbalia

A multi-disciplinary
team of experts

A scientifically proven diagnosis
and decision support tool

An entire, fully
functioning ecosystem

An approach that makes
life easier for inhabitants

A way to stand out
and add value to your project

A positive
and forward-thinking support

An ability to work
on any type of project

An ability to work
throughout the entire process

A single point
of contact

An Innovative R&D,
focused on constant improvement

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